Our Ministry, Our Mission
For more than 100 years, Baptist's mission has been guided by the three-fold ministry of Christ - healing, preaching, and teaching.  The Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation is committed to putting our mission into practice in the communities we serve.
Many in the Mid-South face health care crisis because of their inability to afford necessary care, treatment and services.  Part of being a Baptist team member is answering the call to serve others, and your donations to the Foundation allow Baptist to spread its mission to those who need it most.

Pledge Information

If you have no changes please skip to "Submit ". If you would like to change the amount of your current pledge or designated funds, please do so below.
I authorize my employer to deduct this amount from each paycheck. I understand this authorization will continue unless otherwise specified by me in writing to the Foundation office. I understand all personal information will be kept confidential. The Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation does NOT provide goods or services as whole or partial consideration for any contribution.
I authorize my Personal Time Off (PTO) hours to be deducted from my current available balance. The cash value (number of hours x hourly rate of pay minus taxes) of my donation is to be donated to the Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation as I have designated. I am aware that the PTO donation will be deducted as a payroll deduction, and I must retain 40 hours of PTO to make the donation valid. I understand that I have donated these PTO hours to the Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation and that they are no longer available for my personal use.
Please choose no more than three funds.

Credit Card Donation

Click Here if you like to make a credit card donation. **Please be sure to reference Above and Beyond in the comment section.

For questions please contact the Foundation Office at (901) 227-7123

Thank you for your support.
Your contribution really does make a difference.


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