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UPP receives "Award of Promise"

The Universal Parenting Place at Baptist Women’s was recently selected to receive the “Award of Promise” at the annual Hospital Charitable Services conference and awards sponsored by Jackson Healthcare on February 9th in Atlanta, GA. Over 101 nominations were received from across the country and the UPP site was one of three programs selected to receive the promise award. The selection is based on five criteria: impact, collaboration, leading practice, transferability, and innovation. The award included a grant of $2,500 that will be used to meet some needs of our UPP site. We have been encouraged to apply again for the larger award as we begin to collect our data and can demonstrate long term impact. The UPP site has been open for approximately 10 months.

Lifting Families Up

Memphis is home to the first Universal Parenting Place in the U.S. and will serve as a model for cities across the nation.

What's UPP?

Parenting is rewarding but often challenging. Small issues in childhood can become larger problems in adulthood if not addressed early on. Data from the 2014 ACE Study in Shelby County indicates that our community has been severely affected by adverse childhood experiences, which can include emotional or verbal abuse, addiction, mental illness of a parent or loss of a parent through divorce, separation or desertion.
52% of the adult population in Shelby County reported having experienced at least one adverse childhood experience, regardless of income, education, religion or racial background. These can become legacies of pain and emotional trauma in any family.
Universal Parenting Places (UPP) are designed to help ALL families by providing parents with practical information, guidance and emotional support in a welcoming and warm environment. Professional coaches offer solution-focused opportunities.


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